What Gamblers Need to Know about the Best Casino Bonuses?

Some players are confused to believe that it is easy to find the best online casino bonus and take full advantage of it. However, the truth is a bit different. As they obtain more information about online casino and their workings, players begin to realize that there is nothing simple and there are multiple aspects to consider if they are eager to secure nice winnings.

Unquestionably, Internet casinos would not be that fun and exciting if they did not offer special bonuses to spice up your game. The incentives are of different types. Some of them provide extra chances to win; others extend the duration of the game, and some incentives boost your winnings. Now you may wonder what the benefits of casino operators are and why do they offer such hearty incentives. The main reason to offer bonuses is to attract numerous players and to encourage them to return again.

Internet gambling operators provide various incentives, and they all claim that they offer the best online casino bonuses. How to know which bonus is better than the other and to select the most suitable offer? Locating favorable promos may be a challenging task, but we are here to assist you.

Our detailed casino bonus guide will provide expert help and handy suggestions as to the top online casino bonus offers, what types of incentives gambling providers offer and why some bonuses are better than others even if it seems the other way round.

Before we proceed to the kinds of bonuses, and other valuable information, let us first examine the advantages and disadvantages of the best casino bonuses so you get a better idea of these incentives.

Benefits And Disadvantages

  • Benefits

    At first glance, the incentives that online casinos provide have multiple advantages. The top online casino bonus gives gamblers more cash to play casino games with without increasing the amount of their deposit. Also, players get back their deposit because the incentive usually has an amount equal to the sum of the deposited cash.

    Another benefit is that the validity of the incentives extends to several deposits. There are also bonuses which gamblers can claim without making a deposit.

  • Disadvantages

    However, despite the obvious benefits of best casino bonuses, they also have certain disadvantages and players should be aware of them, too. Thus, claiming a bonus binds you to the casino for a period of time. Most online casinos have rules that restrict cash withdrawal until you clear the incentive but this should happen within a defined frame of time. Also, some casinos have unrealistic and unclear conditions that make claiming their bonuses quite challenging.

Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of online casino bonuses, we can move to the various types of incentives that casinos offer and find out how to find the top online casino bonus, among the best online casinos.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Internet casinos offer numerous different types of rewards, but some gamblers are not aware of the great variety and frequently take advantage only of the special welcome offers. However, casino providers have many other incentives that we will list and describe now.

Deposit bonuses

Online casinos offer great welcome bonuses.

The deposit incentives are the most popular promos that online casinos provide. Gamblers can claim these rewards only after they deposit a certain amount of cash at the Internet casino. The welcome incentive is unquestionably the top favored deposit bonus. It is given to newly registered users, and the main aim of this particular offer is to attract numerous visitors. That is why welcome incentives are typically quite hearty and reach up to the staggering £6000. Players should check the promos of the different casino providers to find the top online casino bonus when they register a new account.

Rewards that does not require deposit

This is undoubtedly the type of casino incentives that gamblers favor the most because they can claim the bonus without having to invest cash. Typically, these offers aim at newbies but in some cases existing and loyal players can also claim them. 888 Casino is among the gambling providers that provide one of the best casino bonuses. Users who register a new profile with the casino get £88 immediately. The single requirement is to send a copy of their ID card or driving license as a confirmation of their registration and personal data. Many other casinos also offer free special bonuses that gamblers can claim without depositing money so that you can take advantage of these promos.


Some casinos provide the best casino bonuses, allowing gamblers to take part in a raffle and get an amazing gift. One of the best casino bonuses offered in a raffle is a car. It is exciting to make your initial deposit at a selected casino and then unexpectedly win a great vehicle! Raffles typically offer some of the best incentives and prizes, so players naturally like them very much.

Free spins

Different online casinos offer a various number of free spins

Some casinos prefer to provide free spins instead of free credits. What is the difference between the two? Free credits enable gamblers to play a variety of games and to select the amounts of their bets personally. On the other hand, free spins have predefined values and cover only certain games chosen by the casino. Typically, players can use free spins on slots but for particular games. The different online casinos offer a various number of free spins, ranging from 10 and 20 in most of the cases. It is up to the casino to choose the number of spins and to determine the games where the bonus is applicable.

Rewards for payments via specific payment options

There are some online casino bonuses that gamblers can claim when they make payment using specific options. Typically, these options include online wallets, such as Neteller, Instadebit, and so on. The casino provider defines the usage of which payment options gives you an incentive. The bonus usually amounts to ten percent of the total sum of the deposit, but certain payment methods give you 15%. These methods include Skrill, bank transfers, iDeal, and Instant Wire Transfer.

VIP bonuses

These best casino bonuses are specially created for loyal gamblers who manage to attain a VIP status. How to become a VIP? The procedure usually requires the player to accumulate a predefined number of comp points. Being a VIP has multiple advantages, including special bonuses and promos available only to VIP players. These incentives may be enhanced cashout limits, better table limits and more withdrawals per month. Also, VIP players often get invitations for offline and online events and gifts. As you can see for yourself, some of the best casino bonuses are for loyal gamblers.

Promo bonuses

Numerous incentives are specially devised for new clients, but happily, the casinos offer bonuses for loyal gamblers, too. To find the best online casino bonus and offers you should check if the casino provides many promos for existing users before you create an account with the platform. Consider the current specials carefully because you will receive a welcome incentive only once, but then you can take advantage of numerous other promos if the online casino provides such special offers. The 888 Casino is a leader when it comes to promo bonuses because the operator frequently runs a minimum of ten promos alongside with the daily deals and welcome offers.

Comp points

Casinos have a comp point program which gives gamblers a cashback incentive when they accumulate a defined number of comp points. These points are given to players when they play casino games with real money. For example, some online casinos award one point for every £10 gamblers bet at the platform. You can receive a bonus amounting to £1 when you get a hundred comp points. However, as players gradually move to the VIP section of the casino they will convert fewer comp points for £1. Read below to learn more about the VIP incentives.

Bonuses players can receive after they refer a friend to the casino

Refer a friend and earn some extra money

Some online casinos provide players with the chance to share their wins with their mates. How is that possible? You can receive a special incentive if you refer a friend to the casino. William Hill and 888 Casino are among the gambling providers that offer such incentives. According to the rules of William Hill players can receive £50 if a friend of theirs creates an account and deposits a minimum of £50 at the online casino. The 888 offers even a bigger prize for the referral – the incentive is £100.


Participating in competitions is an excellent way to get some extra incentives and cash. Many casinos run various tourneys, such as slots, roulette and blackjack games and gamblers can take part in them using free casino credits. In case you are in the top ten players at the end of the tourney, you will get a special prize which typically is part of the prize pool for the particular tournament. Thus, players can get cash and bonuses without spending any money to pay their participation fee.

Custom bonuses

Online casinos frequently provide custom-made offers which they send via the message system of the platform or emails. These proposals target gamblers who are not active and have not deposited cash after they have registered their accounts. Custom incentives want to attract players and to encourage them to make deposits after being inactive for quite some time.

Despite this classification of the most common casino bonuses, we can divide the incentive in three separate categories depending on the experience of the player. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced gamblers, and there are suitable types of bonuses for the individual experience of the players. Our recommendation is to play casino games that are appropriate for your level of experience and to focus on gifts provided in these three categories.

As you have seen for yourself, there are multiple bonuses and gamblers can take advantage of them. Finding the best online casino bonus may be a confusing task but below we will tell you what factors to look for to spot beneficial offers.

Finding the Best Online Casino Bonus Available

Online gambling providers offer a huge variety of bonuses for both new and already existing players. However, gamblers should know how to find the best deals and to get full advantage of the special offers. There are multiple factors to take into account when looking for a favorable bonus and below we will discuss them.

Choosing an online casino bonus isn't as easy as it seems.

The amount of the incentive is an essential factor to consider when you are trying to find the best casino bonuses. However, it is entirely wrong to select the rewards you claim just by their amount. Naturally, it is nice to receive a bigger incentive, but you should be aware that in some cases smaller bonuses have much better conditions. The perfect scenario is to get a generous incentive with favorable claiming conditions, but gamblers rarely receive such excellent opportunities. Experts recommend that players pick smaller bonuses with better requirements instead huge incentives with unfavorable conditions.

Inexperienced gamblers may wonder what the percentage presented next to some bonuses mean. Here is the explanation. The rate notes the ratio between the cash players deposit and the incentive they will receive. Thus, the larger percent next to the stimulus, the larger amount of money you claim.

Have you ever wondered why online casinos offer bonuses? The reason is straightforward and obvious. Casino operators wish to encourage gamblers to play more. However, players are just eager to withdraw the cash. That is why casinos have certain requirements about claiming bonuses. Typically, these conditions allow gamblers to withdraw their incentives after they play a predefined number of times at the casino. The number usually varies between 35 and 40 for trustworthy casinos, but fraud operators require a much bigger number of plays. Gamblers should keep in mind that the different casinos have different conditions and they should get familiar with the requirements before they register an account with the platform. Otherwise, players may be disappointed if they cannot claim their incentives and do not find the best online casino bonus.

Some casino games involve less risk than others and such games, like roulette or blackjack, enable gamblers to abuse the incentives that the casino provides. To avoid abuse and violations, casino operators fix specific betting contributions for the different games. There are games with higher contribution and games that are not included in the input system, which means wagering on these games will not get you closer to claiming the bonus. Typically, placing a bet on slots gives you 100% contribution. Thus, if you bet £10, the casino will consider the full amount of the wager. However, the wagering input of craps often is about 10%, which means that a bet of £10 will be considered as a wager amounting to £1. Craps, roulette, and video poker usually have reduced contributions, too, and gamblers should find information about the contributing games and conditions before they wager.

These are the main factors that players should consider when looking for the best casino bonuses available, but there are other aspects that they need to look for if they are eager to spot the best casino bonuses, including the minimum amount of the deposit, the validity period of the incentive and the supported payment options.

A Minimal amount of the deposit

This is the minimum cash that you should deposit at the casino to claim the bonus. Most casino operators have set this sum to £10, but some providers require more money from players in return of the incentive they offer. Naturally, lower deposits are better because low roller players with less experience can also take advantage of the incentives. The minimal amount of the deposit usually is not a key factor for high rollers as they are ready to invest much larger amounts if the free bonus satisfies them.

Period of validity

Gamblers should know that online casinos fix a particular period of validity for the incentives they provide. The majority of the online casino bonuses that require a deposit have a 30-day validity. Players should consider these validity periods regarding the cash they have to wager before they claim the incentive. It is not worth it to apply for a relatively big bonus that you can then use it just for a day or two. The validity periods vary for different casinos, and 888 offers one of the best casino bonuses validity – three month for most incentives.

Payment options that the casino accepts

It is essential to be aware not only of the various kinds of bonuses but also of the conditions to claim them, their validity and the minimal sum for deposit alongside with other key aspects that help you spot the top deals that online casino operators present to attract and keep players.

Picking the best casino bonuses available is not an easy task, but we hope the necessary information we provided will be helpful for you so that you can select the best deals among the sea of special offers and promos. Below we will explain what bonus codes are and how to utilize them.

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Bonus Codes – What are These, How and When to Utilize Them

In case gamblers decide to use the benefits of the best casino bonuses available, the casino they have selected will most likely present them with a special welcome incentive. Most casinos do not use bonus codes, but some operators require you to apply such a code to receive the incentive. Typically, casinos automatically transfer the amount of the bonus into your account after you fulfill the bonus requirements but some operators require gamblers to use a specific bonus code. Thus, players get admission to the incentive after they apply the bonus code upon registration.

There are also casinos that require bonus codes for reloading incentives. Operators pay these bonuses at certain times of the month after player deposit a specific amount of cash. Gamblers need to enter a special bonus code is the deposit form to get the money that the casino provides.

Casinos provide useful information about their conditions for bonus codes and incentives that require entering a unique code. You should be aware of these circumstances so that you do not miss the best online casino bonus.

Addition Information about Online Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer attractive and generous incentives varying in type, size and with different claiming requirements. Gamblers can expect that are some strings attached and they cannot just register and get a free bonus without any conditions they need to cover.

That is why it is essential to find and thoroughly read the requirements for the bonuses you are eager to claim. These precautions will help you avoid misunderstanding, disappointment, and some serious headaches.

Gamblers should know that the most responsible gambling operators have the best casino bonuses and the most favorable conditions to claim them. Typically, the lowest requirement for incentives is x15, which means players need to wager the amount of the bonus fifteen times before the stimulus becomes available to receive.

Hopefully, the detailed information we provide in our reviews about the various kinds of gifts and the factors gamblers need to consider when looking for the top online casino bonus will help you avoid troubles. Locating the top online casino bonus can be challenging, but the thorough information of this article will help you take advantage of the available offers and turn rewards into real money.

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