The Best New Casinos and Trends for 2018

New casinos appear all the time and flood the online gambling market with tempting offers, new games, incentives, and promos. However, the full diversity of casinos can confuse some gamblers, especially those of you who do not have significant experience with online betting. All casinos strive to attract new players and to keep them, but it is essential that you distinguish the best new casinos from the bad ones.

Our team of experts has created a list of the new online casinos which are worth the try. All of them are legal and meet the requirements of the gambling authorities.

They offer continuous promotions, have an excellent selection of games, use leading software and quality graphics and provide attractive incentives. These criteria alongside with some other crucial factors have helped us create a list of the top new internet casinos that offer reliable services and positive experience.

Here is a short list of the features that the new casinos should include so that we recommend them as worth checking and trusty:

  • They rank among the casinos offering the top incentives to attract new gamers;

  • These gaming establishments provide new casino sites no deposit offers and accept all the main payment options;

  • The casinos use high quality and advanced software and guarantee fair games.

The Best New Casinos

Our top recommended new internet casinos include five online casino establishments. We have selected them by our most important criteria options that we will discuss below. Now check the top new casinos:


JackpotCity comes to the top of our list for new casinos because it meets our requirements and provides excellent features. The casino offers over six hundred and thirty games, including some fantastic live dealer games which offer incredible real experience. The house has one of the largest bonuses in the industry – the staggering €1600! There is also a €5+ million Mega Moolah jackpot. The payout rate of the casino is 97.61%, and the house typically processes and pays winnings within a day or two. The JackpotCity is among the new casinos which provide secure banking options and accepts all the main payment alternatives, including Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Neteller, Maestro, etc. You can contact the support team by phone or live chat in case you need to ask something or have a problem with the site.


The RubyFortune Casinos ranks second as it offers more than six hundred and fifty games. There are monthly bonuses, and the casino provides a hearty €750 incentive for new players. The 24/7 support will help you if you have any inquiries and you can contact the casino by phone or live chat at any time. The payout rate of the RubyFortune casino is 97.49%, and gamblers receive their payments within one or two days. The new casino site accepts a variety of convenient deposit options, such as credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, etc.


It is one of the best new casinos, and it offers the generous €1000 bonus for newly-registered gamers. The casino has a payout rate of 97.59% and usually manages winnings within two or three days. The contact methods include live chat and phone, and the support team of the SpinPalace Casino quickly provides help and answers all kinds of questions. The online gaming establishment boasts of paying out over five million euros every day. Players can use a variety of payment options to make deposits, including Neteller, debit cards, Skrill, credit cards, etc.


The fourth position in our list of the top new internet casinos is for the GamingClub. The gaming operator offers an excellent selection of games alongside with an incentive for new gamers which amounts to €350. The average payment time is three days, and the payout rate is 96.16%. Players can make deposits using the most common payment options.

RoyalVegas Online Casino

The RoyalVegas casino completes our top five of the top new casinos online thanks to the positive features it offers. The operator provides a welcome incentive of €250 and boasts a high payout rate – 96.14%. There is a nice variety of games and gamers can use the major payment options to deposit and withdraw cash conveniently. The casino manages payments within three days.

Before we proceed to describe and to discuss the factors we considered to recommend the top new casinos, we should mention some online gaming establishments that gamers should avoid because they are rogue.

New Casinos to Avoid

Players enjoy online gambling because casino games offer great fun, pleasurable experience and a chance to boost your finances. However, there are some casinos you should avoid because they are a rouge and their aim is just to get your cash. Here we will present three of these casinos, and they all fall into our blacklist of online casinos due to their illegal sites which do not follow all legal requirements.

Balzac Casino

This online casino has been blacklisted as it has a low rating – 2.1 out of 10. The casino offers customer support but the service is truly unprofessional, and gamblers cannot rely on it when they face any troubles. The software that the casino uses is insecure and cannot guarantee fairness of the games or safety of your personal details.

Coolcat Casino

The Coolcat casino has a rating a bit over 3 out of ten, but we recommend players to avoid it. We have put it on our blacklist because the online gambling establishment does not have a clear bonus policy, and it does not pay out winnings in a trusty and reliable way.

Planet Kings

The Planet Kings online casino has a low rating of just 1.8 out of ten. The game wins at the casino are not random and the gambling operator blocks withdrawals, so we firmly recommend avoiding it.

Factors Affecting the Selection of the Best New Casinos

Our readers may wonder how exactly we have selected the top new online casino establishments for 2017. We did not just randomly pick up the names of the casinos with our eyes closed. We analyzed all new casinos to make sure the list consists of only the best online gaming operators for the year. Our team of experts played through the checked platforms, made deposits and withdrawals, checked the customer support and dealt with security issues so that they have the first-hand experience with the games, software, customer service, protection, and incentives.

At the end of the process, our experts assessed the performance of each casino and ranked it by various factors to create the list of the best new casinos. Here are the factors we had taken into consideration when we made our list of the top new casino websites:

  • Registration procedure – players prefer to use online casinos which offer straightforward and secure registration without any unnecessary complications. The new online casinos we have included in our list provide simple registration procedure and reliable protection of the process.

  • A variety of games – when gamblers select an online casino, the selection of games it offers is a leading factor. Thus, the top new casinos we have included in the list offer the broadest variety of games, reaching the huge 500 different games, such as slots, roulette, video poker, craps, blackjack, table games, poker, baccarat, etc.

  • Software performance and quality – the software needs to be of top quality so that it offers ultimate and sleek performance. We have checked the layout of the casinos, their navigation, the design and graphics of the games and the functionality of the new internet casinos.

  • Deposits and withdrawals – there is hardly a gambler who will readily go through a strict and complicated procedure to make a deposit and stack their account with a degree of cash. The top new casinos we have selected offer every single deposit option that exists, including wire transfers, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, etc. We have also included some new casino site no deposit options that you will surely like. Customer support and service – all online establishments in our list provide non-stop support and are ready to answer all your queries at any time of the day and night.

  • Payout processing – you have seen casinos that take your cash at the speed of light when you need to make a deposit, but when it comes to paying out the winnings, they surprisingly start taking their time. All our picks for the best new casino platforms process payouts promptly without any delays.

Now that you are familiar with our recommended top new online casinos and the criteria for their selection, we can discuss some of the best new trends in the industry. Experienced gamblers will tell you that you need to know as much as possible about casino trends if you wish to enjoy an incredible gaming experience and to add some cash to your budget. Here are the top trends in the new casino sites for the year:

Innovative Incentives

Players enjoy bonuses that are creative and innovative.

Bonuses are unquestionably one of the crucial factors to attract new gamers and to keep them playing at a particular casino. Gambling operators know that, so they continuously strive to improve the incentives they offer and to make them, even more, attractive.

One of the newest perks for new players is free spins. The new casinos and the most popular platforms now try to draw gamblers by offering them free spins. Players seem to enjoy such incentives because the free spins provide extra satisfaction and do not interfere with the bankroll of gamblers. Another innovative bonus policy that the best new casinos use is to provide reduced requirements for placing wagers. The the new casino platforms no deposit options are extremely popular among punters because they allow them to play without making a deposit.

Added Value Offers

Gamers expect to receive special offers, to win extra cash and to participate in individual tournaments when they play at a particular casino. However, the newest trend in the industry is to provide offers with added value to boost the motivation of gamblers, to make gaming more exciting and enhance competition between players. New online casinos achieve that by providing individual missions and challenges, or special prizes, such as a new Mercedes SLC. Such innovative features are definitely among the strong new trends in the casino industry.


The featured games are unquestionably one of the leading factors when players select reliable new casino sites no deposit providers. As the competition in the sector is enormous, online gambling operators constantly strive to offer innovative and attractive games. Now new internet casinos provide not only new games but also original themes to intrigue their clients. A great asset is that gamblers can also choose among numerous software providers, which guarantees the wider selection of game portfolios and ideas.

Innovative technologies and software

The best new internet casinos have made it to the top positions thanks to the unique features they offer and one such feature is innovative software and cutting edge technologies. Now software providers are trying to impress gamers, and this task can be quite challenging, so developers and designers provide cutting edge technologies. Many existing and new online casinos successfully create a unique virtual reality, using 3D sound and graphics, making gamblers feel like they are playing a real game in a real casino.

New Casino Sites Pitfalls to Avoid

Casino sites pitfalls to avoid.

New casinos continually increase the value they offer, but there are some pitfalls to avoid as this will reduce the risk and will help you distinguish between the top new casinos and fraud online gambling providers. Here are some of the most common concerns and pitfalls:

  • Exceptional and hard to believe incentives

    It is true that new casino sites no deposit options and new online gambling establishments compete to attract players, so they offer excellent and hearty bonuses for both newcomers and existing clients. However, be careful about the incentives and make sure the offers and promotions are not ridiculous and exceptionally generous. Also, make sure you read the requirements and policy about using the incentives because there are often pitfalls when it comes to claiming your excellent bonus offer.

  • Lack of variety

    Some new casinos release some games and do not change these games for years. Look for casino operators that offer innovations, improve the games they offer and provide various software developers to choose from.

  • New online casinos which accept limited selection of payment options

    The variety of payment methods offers convenience and security. We recommend avoiding gambling operators, and especially new casinos, which accept just a few methods to make deposits.

  • Lack of promotions and special offers

    The best new casinos and existing operators frequently offer promos and special offers, so avoid establishments which neglect such features. Also, follow the social network accounts of the casino you have chosen because casinos usually post updates about promos there.

FAQs about New Internet Casinos

There are numerous new casinos, and it may be challenging for gamers to distinguish between the trusty establishments and the ones they should avoid. That is why we have provides straightforward answers to the most common questions that gamblers ask.

How to distinguish popular new online casinos from bad gambling providers?

Happily, there are multiple factors to help you make this distinction. One thing you can do is to check whether the new casino websites have published their contact details. Reputable casinos put all contact info on their homepages so that it is easy for clients to access it. On the contrary, fraud casinos do not have any contact details or bury the information deep into their websites, so finding it is almost impossible.

What does the “payout percentage” term mean?

This term describes the amount of cash that the online casinos pay back to gamers. Thus, if an online casino operator has a payout percentage amounting to 97%, they will pay you ninety-seven cents for each dollar they collect.

You have provided rankings for the top new casinos. Are these rankings valid only for real money games?

No, the rankings reflect various assessment factors, including software quality, the variety of games, customer support, processing of payments, the functionality of games. About 30 percent of the testing we do is without making a deposit, so the rankings are not valid only for real money games.

Should I trust complaints about new casino websites that I have read online?

Well, it is always wise to keep in mind such complaints. But you should also know that people typically share their opinion on social media and forums when they do not like a particular casino or features. They rarely post positive comments to say what they like about the online casinos. We recommend checking professional reviews that you can find on independent review websites because they have experts who test new casinos and provide an accurate and honest assessment.

Why have the new online casinos in your list different incentives?

Incentives are just one of the multiple factors we use to rank new casino sites no deposit establishments and other new casino operators. Some casinos offer more generous bonuses than others, but they have more strict requirements and conditions. The other factors we have considered when ranking the new casino site have their weight, too, and are essential for the ranking we provide.

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