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Craps Dice – Dice Setting and Dice Control Tips

Expert craps players say there is a specific way to set, control and throw the craps dice if you are eager to win. According to professionals, where are particular mistakes when handling and throwing the craps dice which can affect your game and make it unsuccessful. Fortunately, we are here to help you, and this article will offer valuable tips about dice setting and craps dice control so that you learn how to play like a professional. The main components of a good dice roll include developing ultimate control over the dice and understanding the various craps dice sets and their purposes.

Typically, dice rolls are random, and players cannot involve into games of craps without losing cash because they play by the rules and house edge established by the casino. However, acquiring proper control over the dice and developing a particular throwing technique can certainly be helpful for securing a win. Dice setting allows shooters choose a suitable set depending on their level of experienced and desired outcomes. Below you will learn more about dice control and setting so that you get a step closer to playing craps successfully.

Shaking and Rolling the Craps Dice

Can you throw dice in your favor?

You have undoubtedly seen players who shake the craps dice before throwing them on the table. Their explanation is that the shaking helps for random numbers to come up. However, this is the easiest way to lose cash as the dice go all over the place. Why is that?

The truth is that the random shaking of the craps dice will not help you win craps dice game in the long term. Casinos have invested a serious amount of cash paying talented mathematicians to calculate the odds and chances so that the betting provider always takes your money and wins. Craps players know that the number seven always bring benefits to the casino and is dangerous for players. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is straightforward: seven comes up more often than another number. Thus, if you place a pass line bet, the number seven can help you only for the come out throw. After the point gets established, there are more chances to throw seven than rolling the point. In case you make the don’t pass wager, the number seven has significantly more chances to steal the win from you.

Here are some valuable tips for inexperienced players about rolling the craps dice randomly:

  • An essential step is to understand craps dice control and to select among the crops dice sets. Choosing a suitable set for beginners may be a bit confusing, but the Hard Ways set is quite good because it offers great visual feedback.

  • Then place the dice square on the craps table and position them parallel to the back wall and facing it.

  • Before you roll the dice, you should select an area located at a few inches before the back wall. Try to land the dice on that place. Do your best to hit the same place as often as possible.

  • Rolling the dice should be gentle and should resemble the way players throw a basketball into the hoop. You should let the craps dice go when you have reached a three-fourth of the throw. Do not twist the dice in all directions in the air. When in midair, the two dice should stick to each other like they have been glued.

  • When landing, the dice should just touch the back wall, not slamming into it.

  • Pay attention to the numbers that come up. If you see that you often hit a given number combination, then your dice rolling improves.

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Craps Dice Control

According to the traditional theory, the craps dice setting can help players improve their control over the dice when they throw them and gives them the chance to boost their chances to win. There are hundreds of videos and tutorials about dice control in a craps dice game. Controlling the dice when playing craps is essential for your game and may make the difference between winning and losing. What is the importance of dice control? Controlling dice rolls can really help you win craps.

Controlling the dice when playing craps gives players an edge over the other participants because they can throw the dice skewing the mathematical odds. Alongside with dice setting, the primary benefit of craps dice control is that the dice may roll a longer time, which gives the chance to secure increased number of wins. However, you should not forget that most of the rolls are random, even if the shooter has mastered craps dice control. Throws that manage to beat the house edge are very rare and quite a limited percentage of all rolls.

There are two types of shooters: the correlation shooter and the axis shooter. Both types of shooters strive to exercise control over the dice, trying to enhance their chances to succeed and to beat the house edge. The believers of the craps dice control theory suggest that shooters can have control over the numbers that come out of their throws depending on the way they hold the dice in their hands and throw them on the table. According to the proponents of the strategy, the setting, the grip and the delivery of the dice affect the effectiveness of dice controls in a game of craps.

The setting is the way you place the dice in your hand. There are various types of dice settings that we will discuss in details later on.

As it comes to the grip, it is essential that you apply equal pressure on the two dice. You can hold them with two or five fingers, depending on your personal style of gripping. If you are eager to make dice control useful, you should make sure that your grip is the same every time you roll the dice. The delivery of the dice is as crucial as throwing them. The dice should hit the backside of the table, but players should control the direction, the speed and the spin. To maximise the chances to succeed, you should throw the dice, in the same manner, every time you shoot.

You need a lot of practice to establish good dice control. Having a nice control over the setting, grip and landing of the dice, you reduce the chance to hit random numbers and boost the opportunity to throw successfully.

But does good control over the dice guarantees you will beat the casino and continue winning? Players should know that they will lose cash when playing against casinos and following their rules. To get closer to winning craps games, in the long run, you should understand the whole picture. You need to exercise control not only over the dice and the way you throw them but also over the environment and the other players. Of course, dice control, perfect throws plus other craps strategies will help you significantly improve your game and move a step closer to victory.

Dice Setting

The setting of the dice is an inseparable part of dice control. Players strive to set the dice so that they avoid hitting 7 when landing. Various types of craps dice sets control the dice and make sure they come out of your hand at the same time, carry out the same spins in the air, land together on the table and bounce off it.

Let us discuss the most popular craps dice sets:

Hardway Set

Harway set is suitable for beginners.

This dice set is suitable for beginner to intermediate shooters who can produce a consistent and smooth delivery. Experts often claim the set provides ultimate protection against hitting seven. As the name of the set suggests, it involved putting hard way combination of top of the dice. Thus, you put the hard ten on top (five plus five), then the front will be a hard 6 or a hard eight. The bottom will consist of a hard four. The player can pick up any hard ways combos on the top. Keep in mind that the parallel faces in opposite directions add up to seven as this can help you set the dice in your hand with greater efficiency.

3V Set

The 3V Set is good for intermediate players.

This type of craps dice sets is suitable for intermediate players and is good for hitting sixes, eights and inside numbers, which are characterised by lower house edge in comparison with outside numbers. To position the 3V set, you need to set three in the shape of a V on top of the dice. The faces will show eight or six. The two dice should have parallel aligning, spin rate, trajectories and landing to perform a perfect dice roll.

2V Set

2V Set is good for hitting outside numbers.

The 2V setting of the dice is good for hitting outside numbers, fours and tens. To position the dice in this particular setting, you need to place two and two on the top. Thus, the front will be four, ten, five or nine. The setting can successfully hit an outside number if the shooter can keep the two dice on axis, i.e. to maintain the dice rotating together.

All 7 Set

All 7's is ideal for beginners.

The All 7 Set is ideal for beginners, alongside with the Hardway set. The two craps dice sets will offer an excellent basis for players with less experience. The set is good for the come out dice roll and putting seven on top and the front faces of the dice. There are four possible combos for the top: 2 – 5, 5 – 2, 4 – 3 or 5 – 2.

Crossed Sixes

Crossed sixes is good for come out rolls

The Crossed Sixes set is suitable for advanced players and is good for come out rolls. It can quickly hit outside numbers, such as four, ten, five and nine, but it is also good for some craps numbers. You can see the pictures to get information how to position the dice in your hand.

Straight Sixes

Straight Sixes require the shooter to roll the dice on axis

The six craps dice sets we have listed above are necessary dice setting types and all they require the shooter to roll the dice on axis. Thus, if you position the two dice so that 6 and one are respectively on the left and right sides of the two dice, you should not hit six or one if you make an ideal roll on the axis. Such a strategy will help you reduce the chance to throw a seven consisting of the numbers six or one.

Dice Tips

Dice setting may seem somewhat confusing at first, but practice will make things easier with time. However, here are some handy tips that will simplify the process and will help you to passion the dice with just a couple of moves:

  • The opposite side of the number you are currently looking at adds up to seven. Thus, if the top of one dice is three, the bottom is four.

  • When the dice are in the middle of the craps table, do not stop looking at them. Select the dice setting you prefer before taking the dice in your hand.

  • To simplify the setting process, just find the number you wish to put on the top of the dice plus the number of the front that will face in your direction.

  • Prepare your hand to take the dice in the proper position with a flip.

Even though shooters throw craps dice randomly in each craps dice game, having some control over the dice is certainly a step closer towards adopting a successful strategy that will guide to have more successful bets in the long run. Craps dice control is essential for developing an improved throw, and dice setting is an inseparable part of the control players exercise during play. As we have already explained, the control over the dice allows players to master the way they throw and helps them develop a better rolling technique. The various dice sets make it possible to avoid hitting a seven and get numbers that you wish. However, dice control and setting do not always guarantee that you will win the craps dice game. The dice roll is a random process, and you can enhance it by constant practice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Craps Dice

  • Is It against the Rules to Refuse to Roll the Dice in a Craps Game?
    No, and that is perfectly fine. A lot of players have a real problem with tossing the dice on the table, not because of any physical reason, rather than a mental one. The pressure from trying to avoid the dreaded big red number (7) is a real condition among casino craps tables, which is why it isn't uncommon to see someone who would skip being the shooter. On the other hand, you wouldn't have to worry about that when playing on an online casino website, as in the live version of the game, a machine does the throwing for you, while RNG craps processes all throws automatically.
  • Why Are Dice Exchanged in Real Craps Tables Often?
    When a craps game is played for an extended period of time, it is possible that the dice would experience wear. Absolutely every casino that offers that game, has an explicit policy that mandates that the dice must be replaced with new ones, at least once every eight hours! This is done, so that the dice can retain their random nature, as the wear and tear on the cubes can example biased results, which is not something that players would want.
  • Why Are There So Many Rules about How You Must Hold the Dice?
    When craps gained popularity in the mainstream, it came as no surprise that many players with questionable moral standards tried their best to invent new ways in order to scam casinos out of their money. The most common one, was replacing the dice provided by the casino with ones that were tampered with, which guaranteed a particular result every time. The dice handling rules that exist in every casino are meant to prevent the replacement or tampering with the craps dice provided by the establishment. Failure to comply with those rules will result in the casino refusing you as a player.
  • Why Do All Craps Dice Look Transparent?
    Also called precision casino dice, those cubes are adhering to a number of manufacturing standards when being created, to ensure that they are all perfectly balanced and fair. The transparency requirements are upheld from a practical point of view as well - it allows players to see that the dice aren't weighted with something inside of them, thus reinforcing the feeling that every throw will produce a truly random result.
  • Why Is There a Sequence of Numbers on Any Craps Dice?
    This sequence is called a serial number, and it is usually placed on casino dice to prevent them from being exchanged for biased dice. An interesting fact is that although there is no physical interaction between a player and a live dealer craps game in an online casino environment, the establishment adheres to the same quality standards regarding dice, just like their land-based counterparts. In fact, the only time you won't see dice that have been stamped with a serial number, is when you play RNG craps!
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