Finding the Best Craps Strategy and Choosing a Trustworthy Online Casino

Craps is among the top-rated and widely-favored offline and online casino games, and it attracts plentiful gamblers. Playing craps requires certain knowledge, skills and information, but, fundamentally, it requires the players to find and follow the best craps strategy available to your style of gaming and your particular needs.

The game has its rules that you need to learn, and there are some specifics that gamblers should get familiar with before they plunge into the deep waters of professional play. There are some key bets that punters should master. The craps table, regardless of whether you play in a traditional offline or an online casino facility, has sections for the various wagers. To play casino craps, you should put your chips to the corresponding division on the table and announce the bet you are making.

However, playing craps may seem somewhat challenging, especially for inexperienced gamers, but if you adopt the best craps strategy and carefully choose reliable casinos, you will soon master the game.

How to Play Craps like a Professional?

Finding a winning craps betting strategy is unquestionably the key to success, but there are other factors that you should consider before you begin your game. The essential factors that have a substantial influence on the quality of the game and the chances to win, include finding a reliable casino, try the game for free to brush your skills, choosing whether to play online or offline. Let us take a close look at these factors and discuss their importance:

Finding the Best Craps Strategy and Choosing a Trustworthy Online Casino

Gamblers surely understand that it is crucial to wager only in reputable casinos with a good reputation. To find such a casino, you may follow online reviews and customers’ opinion on the internet. Such reports are valuable because they provide first-hand information about the workings of casinos and give you an idea of what you can expect.

Decisive characteristics that you should look for include the type of craps software used by the casino and the available payment options. The quality of the game largely depends on the software and the developers behind it. There are some established software providers and choosing their platforms ensures that you can enjoy a flawless and smooth game with enhanced quality. If you choose such reliable software providers, you will be able to enjoy a satisfying playing experience.

The variety of payment options that the casino supports is also essential, because payment should be convenient for gamers. Look for casino craps offers that provide the primary and most common options to pay, such as debit cards, MoneyGram, American Express, credit cards, and Western Union. Do not hesitate to select a casino that provides the method which is most suitable for you.

Top Online Casinos for Craps

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top rated
Cherry Jackpot

200% on first 10 Deposits

$4,000 per Week

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Sloto Cash

200% Welcome Bonus

$3,000 per week

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Spin Palace

Up to $1000 free

$4,000 per week

master card
+5 more
Euro Grand

100% Bonus + 100 spins

$10,000 Once a month

+7 more
Leo Vegas

Up to 300$ + 30 Spins

20,00$ In a Month

master card
+5 more
Uptown Aces

8,888% Bonus + 350 free spins

$3,000 per Week

american ecoPayz
master card
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Ruby Fortune

$750 Free

$4,000 per week

master card
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Miami Club

200% Sign Up Bonus + 50 free spins

$2,500 per week

master card
Eco Payz
Bank Wire
+5 more
Slots LV

Up to $5,000

$2,500 per Month

Bank Wire
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50% up to $500

$3,000 per Week

master card
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Jackpot City

$1,600 FREE

$3,000 per Week

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Try the Game for Free

As a new gamer, you will probably wish to try craps for free. Happily, this is possible because many internet betting facilities offer free online craps where you can follow the best craps strategy. Gamblers should not download special software or register an account – they can just play the game in their browser, using free chips.

There is another option, too – some casinos provide craps incentives that require no deposit. Thus, you can check and try playing casino craps without risking your cash due to lack of experience and misunderstanding of crops betting strategy. To wager for free is the perfect method to learn the rules of the game without wasting money.

Playing Online Craps or Traditional Offline Game

Craps is the most fun game to play at a casino.

In the past, traditional casinos were the single option for avid gamblers and they did not have any other alternatives to play the games they favor. Craps used to be quite attractive and plentiful, and gamers swarmed the casino tables to wager, throw their chips and cheer when they win. The atmosphere used to be great.

However, technological advancements resulted in the flourish of online casinos, which offer the same gaming pleasure as traditional ones. Playing casino craps online has numerous perks. Most importantly, the games are accessible at any time of the day, and you can practice craps regardless of your location. Online gaming gives you the freedom to play whenever you wish and does not tie you down to your computer at home.

Online craps games also enable you to understand the rules and check the best craps strategy and other valuable betting systems. Thus, you will obtain some experience and skills, and you will become more confident. You will also decide which of the craps strategies work best for you without risking any of your personal funds.

We should mention that certain online casino facilities offer generous bonuses, which you can then use to place wagers and enjoy craps or other intriguing casino games.

Playing casino craps online is a nice way to relax and to not get stressed by the game itself. Online games allow you to follow your pace; there are no angry punters and drunks who disturb you and interrupt your games. Many punters prefer playing online, that also includes playing on their mobile device, because no one sees when they lose. We all know that losing can be a bit embarrassing and may put enormous pressure, but you can avoid this by choosing online gaming. You can also participate in some of the plentiful craps tournaments organized by online casino facilities – something that rarely happens in traditional casinos. You can also master the best craps strategy.

As you can see for yourself, playing online craps has numerous benefits that you should not ignore. Such online games help you get experience and confidence without wasting money due to lack of knowledge and skills.

As soon as you locate a trustworthy offline or online casino, where you feel comfortable and secure, and you try the game for free, you should proceed to the following step, i.e. to find and examine the best craps betting strategy. There are various systems all of which claim to be ultimately successful, and this may confuse you at first, particularly since you are a non-professional player. Continue reading to learn more.

Finding the Best Craps Strategy

After you select a good casino and brush your skills by playing free craps games online, it is time to get familiar with the best strategy for craps. Adopting a craps betting strategy will help you find out more about the game and star playing like a real professional. At first, it may seem intimidating and challenging, but understanding and following the best craps strategy that functions perfectly will make a significant difference.

The essential wager each craps player should understand and know is the so-called pass line bet, which is done as you put your chips directly on that line just before the come out roll. In case the shooter manages to roll 7 or 11, then the wager pays off an even amount of cash. Your bet becomes losing in case the shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12, and this situation is known as “craps out”. When do you win? Your wager is winning when the shooter rolls any other number. In this case, the rolled number turns into a box point, and you win if the shooter rolls the same number before they make the so-called “seven out“.

The pass line bet has a house edge of just 1.41%. The opposing wager is the “don’t pass” bet and its main characteristic is the lower house edge. However, a wise recommendation is not to use this particular wager because it will unquestionably get you some enemies at the playing table. You can practice the bet when playing casino craps online because you do not risk experiencing the anger of other players.

As soon as the point gets established, you are able to take odds. Taking odds is an extra wager, which typically is the best possible bet in the casino. Why? The answer is that the wager pays of actual odds as there is no house edge this time. However, casinos put restrictions as to the amount gamblers can wager in this situation. The majority of traditional and online casinos allow 3-4-5x odds, where players can bet three times as much as the pass line bet you have made on 4 or 10; four times as much as the pass line bet on 5 or 9; and five times as much as the pass line wager on 6 or 8. If your best craps strategy is to continually practice the pass line bet and the max out the odds, then the house edge drops to just 0.374%. The playing table does not have a free place for the wager and gamblers should place it as they put the chips behind the pass line wager. You should position the bet after the establishment of the point.

Initially, it is wise to master this best strategy for craps and get more experienced and confident in your game. Then you can proceed further on and expand the craps betting strategy by including the come odds. This wager is similar to the one we described above but the difference is that gamblers make a bet before any other roll except the come out rolling. The subsequent roll is the come out one. Punters need to put their chips on the come line exactly before the making of the roll to initiate the come bets. Taking odds here is identical to the other wager we discussed and the same numbers apply. After the establishment of the point, you should toss the chips and announce “odds on the 5” or any other number, depending on the point. Then the dealer will put the chip to the particular point.

In the beginning, casino craps may seem quite challenging, and it may take some time to get experience in the game. However, you need to find and adopt the best craps strategy and this will dramatically enhance your skills and will boost your chances to win. Following the best craps betting system will give you an advantage over your opponents. Thus, your game will gradually become better, and you will get more confident and fruitful.

How to Play Online Craps without Risk and Troubles

Adopting the best craps strategy is crucial for successful play, but it is not the single factor that will ensure your game does not involve concerns and risks. Even the best craps betting strategy cannot keep you protected from scams and headaches. That is why gamblers should pay attention to certain aspects if they wish to stay safe and to have a fun and risk-free craps wagering.

  • Play at an entirely regulated casino

    These days there is an endless number of online gambling houses, and it becomes a bit confusing to distinguish between trusted and fraud ones. However, one way to limit the risks is to select an internet casino with a valid license. Gambling authorities,like the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, frequently check and monitor legal casino, so frauds are impossible. Also, in the case of troubles, punters can file a complaint, and if the casino is regulated, the authorities can take measures against it. Licensing is a great way to ensure you will play a safe and pleasurable craps game, following the best craps betting strategy.

  • Find a casino with powerful security and privacy

    Security issues can be far-reaching, and casinos should pay considerable attention to protection. They should keep safe the personal information of customers by utilizing robust security, and privacy should be the top priority.

  • Select a casino that offers a variety of payment alternatives

    Security issues can be far-reaching, and casinos should pay considerable attention to protection. They should keep safe the personal information of customers by utilizing robust security, and privacy should be the top priority.

  • Register an account at a casino that offers exclusive incentives

    Nowadays most major casinos provide welcome bonuses, promos and special offers to attract customers. It is worth it to research the incentives and exclusive offers before you register a new account because a hearty bonus will unquestionably boost the pleasure of playing online craps

  • Find out information about the experience of the casino and check its reputability among the gambling community

    By doing so, you will manage to avoid serious headaches and will be able to place wagers without any worries.

Choosing a Trustworthy Online Casino

most trusted casino by users in the usa
Leo Vegas Casino
our rating
users’ rating
fair and responsible
deposit methods

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, VisaDebit, PayPal, Neteller, Sktrill PaysafeCard, ECO + 5 more

withdrawal methods

Visa, MasterCard, VisaDebit, Maestro, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill + 4 more

As we have mentioned in the beginning, choosing a reliable online casino with positive reputation is essential to implement the best craps strategy, play casino craps and other online games successfully. These days many online facilities provide craps and other games, such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. Localizing suitable and trustworthy one can be a great challenge, but the task gets easier if you know what you are looking for.

Hopefully, the information we will provide will help you find the best casino that fits your way of playing and your individual preferences, and where you can implement the best craps strategy. Our guides and reviews will supply enough valuable data to make gambling safe and fruitful for you.

But why is it so crucial that gamblers not only adopt the best craps strategy but also play casino craps and other online casino games in a good and secure online establishment? Some punters tend not to pay attention to security and reputation as they are eager to log in and play. They are sure all casinos on the internet are the same, and do not bother to make sure of the facility they have chosen is legal and reliable. However, a trustworthy internet casino has full advantages and high points, such as absolute safety, comprehensive protection of personal information and total privacy; legal license; detailed information about the way the casino pays out cash; essential details about responsible gambling practices.

Also, when selecting top-ranked casinos customers can claim sweet bonuses with fair and feasible conditions. Such casinos offer a great variety of online games with quality software and graphics. Support teams provide help and answer questions at any time of the day so that you can implement the best strategy for craps without any worries.

Knowing all this, now you probably understand why it is essential to place wagers at a reputable casino, where you can implement the best craps strategy or practice other favorite online games at the casino. Now we should discuss how to find such a trusted casino.

To choose a credible online gambling facility, you should take a close look as what the casino has to offer and if these features fit your needs and requirements. The process often depends on the particular tastes and preferences of gamblers, but there are still certain standard features to look for. Gambling and casino experts have compiled a short list of the essential characteristics that a casino should offer to guarantee you have a valuable playing experience:

  • The casino should be regulated and should possess a valid license – look for an online casino that has a functioning legal license and follows all national regulations in the field of online gambling. Also, check what the reputation of the facility is among the gaming community. Such a reputable casino will ensure that you can carry on the best strategy for craps.

  • The gambling facility should provide a broad range of games to select from – the list of featured games should include different genres, such as casino craps, baccarat, slots, roulette, and blackjack. It is essential that the casino provides a wide selection of games, but they should be of good quality, too. The games should meet high standards and have beautiful graphics to offer ultimate gambling experience and valuable playing.

  • The esteemed should offer detailed info about the betting amounts, limits and bonuses – each esteemed casino should provide extensive information about all winning restriction, the highest amounts gamblers can win, the available betting amounts, the offered incentives and all conditions about claiming the bonuses.

  • The trusted internet casino would have reliable customer support and various contact options – the support team should be available at any time of the day and should be able to provide answers to all kinds of questions.

  • The top-ranked casino should provide attractive incentives when gamblers register new accounts with it – the bonus system demonstrates that the casino values its new and existing players and is willing to award their loyalty and wish to trust their casino.

How to Distinguish between a Reputable and a Cheating Internet Casino?

When gamblers play real money casino games, adopting the best craps strategy is essential, but security is a top priority. Unfortunately, there are plentiful rogue casinos that lack legal licensing. Punters should not disregard the problem with illegal online gambling facilities because they can get themselves in serious troubles. But then how to distinguish between a fraud casino and a legal one? Here are some of the characteristics of cheating casinos that lack proper licensing and can endanger your betting security when playing casino craps or other online casino games:

Stay away from internet casinos that have unclear rules.
  • Unfair and unclear rules about bonuses

    Most internet casinos offer individual incentives, and they all have certain conditions regarding these bonus promos. The primary purpose of these incentives is to ban gamblers to withdraw their bonuses immediately and to make them play more. The rules and conditions about claiming and withdrawing the offered bonus should be visible and easy to read.

  • Unfair games

    Gamblers know that these are certain they when they have bad luck and do not win a dime. However, two main factors may contribute to your “bad luck”: the edge of the house and the deviations from the average probabilities players to win. The house edge makes sure the online casino is always the winner in the long run, and this is a thing to expect when gambling. However, deviations can affect your game and chances to win, and they are unfair practices. But how to detect such variations? You need to evaluate a significant number of spins or hands to confirm your doubts.

  • Arbitrarily suspensions of gamblers’ accounts

    Rogue casinos have multiple ways to scam players, and one of them is the arbitrary suspension of the account. How does this scam work? A punter creates a new account, place wagers without success and then, one day they make a fantastic win and believe the reason is the best craps strategy. However, all of a sudden, the online casino chooses to suspend their account without any actual reasons, providing inconsistent and vague motives for their actions.Even if the gambler files a complaint, the authorities cannot do anything in case the casino does not possess a legal license.

There are many other signs that a particular casino is a scam, but these three factors are the most common ones. Do not get tempted by fantastic offers, generous incentives and unrealistic odds. It is always better to keep your gambling safe instead of being sorry later on.

  • Carefully select a safe place to play online craps

    Gamblers should always be careful when they select a place to play online craps and implement the best craps strategy, or practice other casino games, such as roulette, poker, blackjack or slots. A pure research of the casino you have interest for will save you lots of troubles and will ensure that you spend a pleasant and enjoyable time gambling with real money without risks while implementing the best strategy for craps.

  • Check for certain requisites that reputable and trustworthy internet casinos display on their websites.

    To ensure the casino you have chosen is secure and legal, you should check for certain requisites that reputable and trustworthy internet casinos display on their websites. One of these requisites is the license number, which proves the casino possesses a legal licensing and is under to control of the respective authorities. The web page may also feature the logo of the respective licensing authority that has approved the casino, and has given it legal rights to function. This authority is also responsible for regular monitoring and check of the casino that must ensure the facility meets all legal requirements and is not involved in scams.

  • Look for certificates for technical security

    Other requisites to look for include certificates for technical security, awards and the name of the software providers. The technical security certificate proves that the casino has prioritized protection and utilities encryption and other methods to ensure safety and protection of cash transfers and personal info. The awards demonstrate that the casino is acclaimed and trustworthy, while the name of the software provider allows gamblers to find out more about the technology and its quality.

Which are the Top 3 Most Favored Online Casinos?

After we explained in details how to find a reliable casino and to avoid rogues, we should mention the three top-Favored internet casinos that meet all listed requirements and at which you can practice the best craps betting strategy:

Cherry Jackpot

Cherry Jackpot:The majority of gamblers prefer betting at Cherry Jackpot, and the reasons for their choice are countless. The establishment offers over two hundred games, including casino craps and many others. The quality and the graphics are super, and allow punters to enjoy the betting experience thoroughly. This casino offers the huge bonus of £1500 under certain conditions.


Leo Vegas Casino:It attracts customers with over 600 quality games with great graphics. The casino provides a 200% bonus plus two hundred free spins. The security is of high level, and all transactions are smooth.

Spin Palace

RoxyPalaceThis gambling establishment offers more than five hundred games and its incentive amounts to £350 alongside with a hundred free spins or £15-worth free play.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Online Casinos

We correctly understand that finding a reliable casino can be quite confusing and challenging, so we have gathered the most valuable information to support your choice. However, gamblers usually have some issues about the betting facilities, the best craps strategy, internet casinos and games, so here we will list some of the most commonly asked questions and short answer to clarify the matter further.

  • What makes licensing essential?

    Official licensing ensures the casino has the fund needed to pay off winnings to gamblers; it uses quality and reliable software, and the facility has a fair and definite policy. A casino cannot claim license if it does not meet specific conditions related to security, fairness, quality, and privacy. Fraud casinos do not have licensing, so it is proof the casino is legal and follows the regulations. Regulated casinos give gamblers the chance to implement the best craps strategy and enjoy their game.

  • Do the law and authorities protect gamblers play casino craps or other online casino games?

    Yes, the law offers protection to bettors who play at legal casinos with licensing. Gamblers can always contact the local gambling authority if they face any troubles, have complaints or need to ask something regarding the gaming process. However, if the casino is illegal, the authorities cannot protect you, so you should always choose licensed web facilities to avoid troubles.

  • How can the casino guarantee that the games it offers are quality and fair?

    The quality of the games depends on the software the casino uses. The online gambling facilities ensure there are not forgeries through the random number generator, which determines the outcomes of all spins and hands.

  • Do internet casinos offer bonuses?

    Yes, most online betting establishments attract customers with special welcome incentives, and there are certain conditions to withdraw the cash. There are also various promos and special offers that enhance the betting experience and allows you to practice the best craps betting strategy without worries.


If you are a fan of casino craps, you can practice the game in online casino facilities and make your play successful. For this purpose, you need to adopt the best craps strategy and follow it in your games. You also need to distinguish reliable casino from rogue ones and should locate a licensed establishment that meets all legal requirements and offers security, a good selection of quality games, nice bonuses and fair gambling policy.

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