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Street Craps – Everything You Need To Know About Street Craps Rules

This is a straightforward gambling game, which resembles the typical craps. However, the street craps rules are much easier than the norms of the original game. The debut was in 2014 at the Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Gamblers play this craps variety outside, and they only need dice and a flat surface to throw the dice.

According to the rules of street craps, there are only two bets and the rolls can reach a maximum of four. The game is not only simpler to play but also faster. How to play street craps? The rules are plain: there is a shooter who rolls the dice, and the other participants place wagers on the possibility the shooter to roll a particular number before throwing a seven. Setting a game requires just some dice and a suitable surface.

Many players prefer this variety of craps because the rules for street craps are simplified, and the pace of the game is much faster compared to the speed of the original craps version which gamblers play in online and offline casinos. It is easier for the players to monitor the game and to be aware of the developments and all aspects of the play. Happily, the craps regulations have made the game as simple as possible, so there are not so many elements to keep an eye on. Below we will discuss the main rules of street craps and explain the basics.

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How to Play Street Craps?

Before we proceed to the regulations of craps, we will quickly explain the main terms you should know if you are eager to play the game successfully. The main terms used by other players in street dice will help you understand the game much better and get a good idea about street craps.

  • Dice

    As the rules of street craps stipulate, gamers need two regular dice to play with. Keep in mind that some cheaters may use trick dice to make sure the bets of the players lose.

  • Shooter

    This is the player who throws the dice. According to the rules for street craps, there can be only one shooter at a particular time of the play. The shooter has two options: to place a bet or to make a pass.

  • Placing bets

    The street craps guidelines are enforced with a full force exactly when it comes to betting because fair payouts depend on this. Players can place wagers only when the shooter has taken the dice.

  • Pass

    According to the rules for street craps, a pass is the bet when the shooter firmly believes that they will roll seven or eleven. In case the shooter hits one of these two numbers a total of the two dice, then the bet is successful, and the gambler wins.

  • Don’t pass

    In street dice rules this is a gamble when the punter believes the shooter will hit two, three or twelve as a total of the two dice.

  • A number of players and new participants

    The craps regulations call for an unlimited number of players. New entrants can join the game between the different throws of the dice.

  • Bounce

    One of the key rules for street craps is that the dice bounce when the shooter throws them. That is why there should be a wall or another kind of a backstop where the dice can bounce. If there is no bounce, then the throw is not valid, and the shooter should perform it again.

  • Making a point

    According to street dice rules a point is made if the dice hit four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. The particular number becomes the point, and it is used as a bet for the next round of the game.

  • Fingers

    There should be no fingers in the shooting areas. The craps rule applies to toes, feet and other parts of the body, too.

Street Craps Rules

Street craps is really easy to play.

Gamblers who are eager to play craps require a few simple things: two regular dice, a flat and smooth surface to throw the dice, a wall or a curb to act as a backstop and to ensure the dice bounce off it, and some method to track the bets.

How to place street craps after you ensure you have all necessary to start a game? The first thing you need to do is to appoint the shooter. No strict rules are determining how to choose a shooter. One option is to rotate the position and the players to take turns, and the other options are to select the first volunteer. Some gamblers prefer to take turns, while the shooter continues throwing until they lose in other games of street dice.

After you appoint the shooter, it is time to set the original bet of the street dice game. According to the regulations for street craps, the shooter selects the amount they want to bet and then decided the betting option they prefer – Pass or Don’t Pass. If the shooter bets a pass, they believe they will throw the target number before they roll a seven. Placing a don’t pass wager means exactly the opposite. It is also up to the shooter to offer odds.

Then the street craps rules call for the players to cover the bet which means that the players should now place wagers on Pass or Don’t Pass. The game can only proceed after sufficient players have placed bets on the options opposite of the shooter’s bet. Thus, the players cover the bet. However, if there are not enough wagers to cover the initial bet of the shooter, then the shooter may reduce the amount. After that, the gamers can place bets on any options of their choice.

If you still do not fully understand how to play craps, then we should tell you that players can also make side bets, meaning that they can place a wager on practically anything. Typically, the gamers place bets on the first number that the shooter will throw or the total number of all rolls a particular shooter will do as the street dice rules allows that.

According to the regulations of craps, the following stage of the game is to roll the dice. The appointed shooter throws the two dice toward the wall or curb. The dice should bounce off the backstop so that the roll is valid. Placing bets should cease immediately after the shooter throws the dice. The initial roll of the game is known as Come Out roll.

Street Craps is suitable for players with less experience

When the dice stop rolling and come to a halt, the participants should check what is the total of the two dice. If the shooter has thrown seven or eleven, all Pass wagers win. On the contrary, if the sum is two, three or twenty (also known as craps) the Don’t Pass bets are winning. In case the shooter has rolled other numbers except the listed, this is the point. craps regulations call for a new roll of the dice. This time the primary goal is to check if the shooter will manage to hit the point before throwing seven. In this case, all Pass bets are victorious. If not, the Don’t Pass wagers win the round. We will give a simple illustration to make things clear. The outcome of the initial roll is nine. In this case, the Pass bets will win if the shooter throws nine once again. However, if the shooter goes seven, then the Don’t Pass bets are winning. If the shooter does not throw either of these two options, then they throw again until one of the results comes out.

At the end of the street game, it is time to distribute the cash to the players. The shooter pays or gets payment for the bets placed in the opening betting round. The amount of the payouts is proportional to the sum of the initial bet. The players settle the side bets between themselves.

If you wish to learn how to play street craps, you should be aware of the bets defined by the rules of street craps. As we have already mentioned, there are only two bets in a game of street dice: the Pass Bet and the Don’t Pass Bet.

According to the street craps rules player can make the pass bet before the roll that establishes the point, i.e. the come out roll. In case the shooter throws seven, the pass bet is winning. However, if the shooter rolls two, three or twelve, the pass bet is losing. The bet wins even cash if the roll hits eleven.

If another result comes in the game of street dice, then it becomes the point, and the primary goal of the shooter is to run the point without throwing seven. There are three more rolls to do that. In case the shooter throws seven, the pass bet is the losing wager.

The craps regulations allow players to place the don’t pass bet before the throw that sets the point. The brick bet is victorious if the roll hits seven or eleven and it loses if the shooter throws two, three, five, nine or twelve. Any another number becomes the point, and then the goal is to hit the point once again.


As in the original version of craps, you need a basic craps strategy to win in street craps. Hopefully, this guidance has helped all gamblers who were not quite familiar with craps. The regulations for the game are simpler than the rules of the original casino game, which makes this variety suitable for players with less experience.

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