Craps Payouts – Learn How to Spot the Best Payouts for Craps

Craps payouts and craps true odds are essential for players who are eager not only to enjoy a few sessions of this dice game but who also wish to win some cash. However, not all players are experts when it comes to the math behind odds and craps payouts. Happily, understanding odds, payouts and your chances to win is not as difficult and challenging as it sounds.

Craps is a game of luck and players cannot apply complicated strategies, but this game requires serious calculations that will help gamers determine the best craps payouts available. It may seem a bit confusing at first, but players should know how to calculate craps odds payouts so that they can spot the top bets and get as much as possible from the game.

Below you can find a detailed guide to craps odds and payouts that will hopefully allow you to get familiar with the numbers and understand how craps payouts work. It’s a great practice to have a great craps winning strategy before you start betting. But before we proceed to that, we will take a look and explain some of the basic craps terms because we know that not all players are experienced experts and need some explanations and clarifications.

  • Craps true odds

    players use this term to define the calculated odds that participants in a game of craps will win or lose depending on the bet they place. The amount of cash you bet does not affect the odds. However, the amount of the bet has an influence on the craps payouts.

    Understanding odds, payouts and your chances to win is not as difficult and challenging as it sounds
  • Bet

    this is the wager that players make during a game of craps on the table.

  • Craps payouts

    the payouts are the cash you get if your bet wins. If your bet amounts $5 and the payout is 1/1, you will get extra $5 beside the money you have gambled.

  • House edge

    the house edge is a percentage that demonstrates the percent over the even odds that the casino holds. Typically, this figure shows the possibility of the house to win a particular bet.

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How to Calculate Craps Payouts Efficiently for Profitable Wins

All players who decide to participate in a dice game should know the craps true odds. However, if a player wants to be aware of their chances to win, they should first know how often a dice roll may appear in the game. The primary focus of craps is the number seven, and there is a simple explanation of this fact – players hit this number more often than other numbers. Online casinos have made detailed calculations and have figured the odds for all rolls, so old and new online gambling operators are perfectly aware of the advantage they have over gamblers for each wager.

Each dice has a total of six sides, which means there are six values. In a game of craps, the players throw two dice, saying that twelve different results can come out of a single roll of the dice. However, if you consider this more carefully, you will realise there are thirty-six possibilities. When you play craps, you should take into account all possible combinations of numbers when you calculate the craps odds and payouts.

What is the probability of rolling a particular dice combination?

Here we will discuss the different craps odds payouts starting from the two numbers that are the hardest to throw: two and twelve. There is only one combination of the two dice that can result in these figures, namely 1 and 1, and 6 and 6. Thus, the craps true odds for two and twelve are 1:36. As it is evident from the odds, the craps payouts are higher when the number is harder to roll.

The next couple of figures based on the possibilities to come out as a result of a roll are three and eleven. These two numbers can come out of two different combinations of the dice, and this means the odds for three and eleven are 1:18. The player can hit for and ten with three combinations of the dice, so the odds here are 1:12.

There are four separate combinations to throw five and nine, so the odds for these two numbers are 1:9. The outcome of six and eight can be achieved in five possible combos, which means the odds are 1:7.

Let us carefully examine the number seven which is the easiest the roll. There are six various ways to throw seven using two dice, like in street craps, and the calculations say that the odds for going seven are 1:6. How did we calculate the craps payouts and odds for this number? Number seven can come out in three separate ways: one plus six, two plus five and three plus four. To calculate the craps payouts and odds for this number, we multiply the three by two (the two dice that players use in the game), and the result we get is six. Thus, the odds are 1:6 and seven is the most frequent number that comes up in craps games.

How to convert the chance to roll a particular number into odds?

Odds are the number of probabilities that something does not happen as opposed to the number of possibilities that it happens. Let us illustrate this with number seven again. In this case, there are five rolls that are not seven.

It may seem a bit confusing how to define the odds for each number that may come up as a combo of the two dice. However, the example and information above will surely help you understand how to calculate odds in craps. Knowing the odds is essential because this info allows you to determine the craps payouts you may expect from a particular game of craps. Players should take into account that the odds vary for the different numbers that they roll. If you are aware of the different odds, you will be able to make a proper decision whether to increase or reduce the stake on a particular bet. Here is a simple formula that will help you calculate your chances to hit a specific number: just divide the number of likely results by the amount of total results (it equals 36). Thus, the opportunity to throw seven is 6/36 x 100 = 16.6%.

Craps tables are designed this way, so that the players can bounce the dice off the sidewalls.

To conclude, we should say that although it seems challenging and difficult to calculate craps true odds, the process is rather simple and straightforward. Keeping it easy, you should start by defining the total number of possible results, which in the case of craps is thirty-six because players use two dice.

As mentioned before, players have just one way to hit two and twelve – rolling one on each of the two dice for a 2, and hitting six on each dice for a 12. Thus, as we have a total of thirty-six combos and just one of these combos can be 2, the probability to roll two is one out of thirty-six. If we need to define this it terms of odds, this means that the odds are thirty-five to one. Then, there are two combos to throw 3, i.e. rolling one and two, or hitting two and one, meaning that the possibility to run 2 is two out of 36 or one out of 17. In odds, this means seventeen to one.

Now you are familiar with the basic math behind craps payouts and odds, and you know how to calculate the odds and the probabilities to win. Below we will discuss the house edge and its influence on the payouts for craps.

House Edge and Payouts for Craps

The term house edge defines the difference between the craps payouts that the casino pays and the craps true odds. Thus, in case a given gambling provides pays $30 for a $1 wager for rolling number two, the casino will have a profit as the true odds for this figure are 35:1. In the case of a break-even bet the casino should pay $35 and refund the dollar for the wager. However, if there are only break even bets, casinos would not be able to have any profits, and there would be no functioning gambling establishments.

Players should know the house edge and the craps odds payouts so that they can select better wagers, i.e. the bets with reduced house edge. It is essential for players to keep in mind that the house edge varies for the different types of bets.

How to Spot the Best Payouts for Craps

When a player is eager to play craps, they certainly wish to spot the best craps payouts and the most favourable odds. Typically, online casinos offer better odds, which means their craps pay outs are higher and players can win more cash than in offline gambling establishments. Online casino operators provide a great variety of games alongside with top craps odds and payouts, so gamblers have the chance to get significant cash winnings.

However, there are multiple casinos in the Internet and players may not be sure how to spot the best establishments and the most favourable craps odds payouts. There are some factors you need to consider before you select a new online casino to play craps.

Knowing how to bet on craps is essential.

Players should always choose reliable web casinos that offer full protection of individual details through a trusted encryption. The Internet gambling provider should offer a wide selection of games and mobile support so that players can find the most suitable options. Gamblers also need to check the payout percentages before they proceed to play. Get a close look at the craps true odds and craps payouts that the casino offers to avoid frustrating misunderstandings and headaches. It is essential to play at a casino that process payouts within a reasonable time frame, i.e. two or three days. Look for gambling providers that accept multiple payment alternatives, such as bank transfers, debit cards, checks, credit cards, and Internet wallets.

Now you may wonder why online casinos can offer better craps payouts than the traditional establishment. The explanation is simple – gambling operators who function on the Internet are not restricted to a particular place, and this allows them to provide any number of games. Thus, the range of featured games is huge and craps payouts are better in online casinos.

In contrast, online casinos do not have the same restrictions, and this means they can offer more variations of a single game. Thus, while a live casino will pick one or two variants of blackjack (often based on their personal preferences), an internet gaming room will often have a variety of different games.

Traditional offline establishments may offer a restricted number of games and variations because they have limited space. Also, live casinos have to follow particular requirements enforced by the local gambling authorities, which may also affect the variety of games they offer.

Internet casinos do not have to comply with all these factors, so they have great freedom and can provide much better craps odds payouts to their players. Thus, if you are looking for a chance to win big cash playing craps, it is wiser to select an online establishment where the craps odds and payouts are much better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Craps Payouts

  • What is a good payout percentage?
    For online casinos, favourable payout varies from ninety-seven percent and over. If you spot a rate ranging between 98 and 99, you have found the best payouts for craps on the Internet.
  • What do we call a payout percentage?
    The payout rate is the total sum of cash that players put in bets at a particular gambling operator that then the casino pays back to the gamblers in the shape of winnings. Naturally, if the percentage is bigger, the number of people who win will be higher than in the case of a lower ration. Plus, you have better chances to get out on top of the list of winners.
  • What are the highest craps payouts I can expect?
    Players should always look for gambling operators that offer the highest possible payouts for craps. Any percentage over ninety-seven is good, but you can expect to get craps payouts as high as 98 to 99 in rare cases. Such returns would be outstanding and unquestionably deserve the attention of gamblers.
  • What is the time to process payouts for craps?
    The time varies, starting as short as twenty-four hours up to ten days. The speed at which online casinos process payments depends on multiple factors, such as the payment option you use, the platform of the casino, and their payment policy. However, it should generally take between one or three days, so our recommendation is to select online casinos that manage to proceed craps payouts within this time frame.
  • Do casinos set a minimum sum that players have to withdraw?
    Most online casinos fix such amount of payout, but this depends on the gambling provider and their conditions. However, even if there is a requirement for a minimal amount to withdraw, the sum will probably be little. It is a good idea to check the conditions of the casino before you start playing craps and need to withdraw your craps payouts.
  • Will a withdrawal affect craps payouts?
    Again, this depends on the individual casino and the payment option you use. Some of the acceptable payment options require more time to proceed your craps payouts while others are much faster. However, players should get familiar with these conditions and select the most suitable payment approach to withdrawing their payouts for craps.
  • What Is the Largest Payout I Can Expect on Craps?
    Once a come-out roll has established a point number, placing a bet on the Hard Ways field might provide you with a massive craps payout. A Hard Ways bet is essentially when a player places their money on a paired dice result. If they have successfully wagered on either a double 1s or double 6s, they can expect a 30 to 1 payout. For example, if you win on a bet of $5, your reward will be $150.
  • Are Craps Payouts Processed Immediately after the Roll of the Dice?
    That depends on whether or not a throw of the dice has resolved a specific bet. Naturally, if a player loses, they won't receive any kind of payout however, if their prediction was correct, they will be paid right away. On the other hand, if a dice throw has landed a number that doesn't meet any of the requirements for a bet to be resolved, the designated shooter will continue throwing the dice until the craps game round has concluded.
  • Do Even Money Bets Also Provide the Smallest Payout?
    Yes. Pass, don't pass, come and don't come bets will pay 1 to 1, which means if you place $5, you will receive a $10 payout. Although the payout odds here are considered to be the smallest ones in craps, people prefer them due to the fact that their probability chances for success are better than those provided by other bets.

Even though playing craps does not rely on some complicated strategy and luck plays an essential role in these games, it is crucial that players understand what craps odds and payouts are. Being able to calculate the craps payouts and knowing the math behind odds and probabilities to win gives you the chance to register a winning and to get significant cash when you play your top favored dice game. Hopefully, our comprehensive guidance in the field of payouts and odds is useful and will clear the situation for you, so that your play get even more fruitful and profitable.

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